Why weGather?

We gather around
a campfire,
a table,
a family album —
To tell stories.
To remember.
To show and to tell.

With a certain reverence, we gather to share old memories, and to inspire ones yet to be made. Sometimes there are tears, often there is laughter.

We gather for one simple reason — legacy.

We want to leave a legacy.

Many times, we’ve been asked: why weGather? What’s in a name? And that may be the most important question we could ever ask ourselves: how can we create space for families to gather, to collect their stories, before it’s too late?

Because without stories, our legacies can’t carry themselves forward.

And we believe one of the best ways to tell stories is through family photos.

“To remember, we have to access and interact with photos, rather than just amass them.”
— Linda Frankel

Driven by a mission to save family stories, one photo at a time, we got to work prototyping and designing. We began building something that would ensure you never lose the stories behind your family photos. We began building what you now know as “weGather.”